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I am a RIBA qualified Chartered Architect with over 25 years experience,within the Architectural and Building Industry.

I operate as a Sole Practioner, offering my Services as an Architect for any aspect of the Building Process, from Inception to Completion, for virtually any Building type, Domestic, Barn Conversions, Retail, Schools, Banks, Public Houses, Medical, Libraries Restaurants and Leisure, I have extensive knowledge in all of these areas, in fact there are not many types of Buildings I have not designed at some time.

Whilst primarily being involved in large projects I am still happy, to get involved in minor ones Loft Conversions, House extensions, etc, as I know each project is personal and different for the individual, for whom it is being designed, and in itself represents an opportunity to obtain the best possible solution for the Client.

I primarily operate within the East Yorkshire, Goole, Selby and Doncaster area and but I am prepared to accept commissions within a 40 mile radius.

PROJECT FEES and COST GUIDANCE Always, and quite rightly, the most common question is likely to be ‘how much is it going to cost’. Quite simply your costs will be the total of the following.

BUILDING COSTS. The price you will pay for the construction of the Building, to the Main Contractor, will vary depending on the size, complexity and finishes of the Building and can vary from between £1,000 and £1,500 per sq.m of floor area. This can also vary on how much involvement you are prepared to undertake with the Project. I can recommend you visit for further useful information.

LOCAL AUTHORITY FEES need to be paid to the Local Authority for Planning and Building Permissions, although there are some situations where none are required, but these are limited. Even if Planning Permission is ‘Permitted Development’ I still advise Clients to have it confirmed and placed with their deeds, in case they wish to sell at some time. Similarly a Completion Certificate is required for confirmation that the work undertaken have conformed to British Standards, by a Building Inspector. Fees for these can be obtained from the Council’s Website.

ARCHITECTS FEES, will vary on the scope, nature of Project and type of Service required, ranging from simple design and preparation of drawings for Local Authority Approval, to complete Project/Contract Management. To be fair there is no way an accurate quotation can be made until what is required is established. If you wish to discuss individual Projects please contact me. Expect to pay approximately between £800 and £1,000 for obtaining a Planning and Building Approval on a small extension. I am also aware that you can probably ‘get some person to do it cheaper’ to prepare your plans. but if this is the philosophy on which you want to base your Project, go ahead, my advice is go ahead and get them. Caveat Emptor

There are many ‘Plans Drawn’ ‘Architectural’ ‘Designers’ around offering their Services but they will not be Architects. The name ‘Architect’ is legally protected and can only be by qualified persons who have undertaken up to seven years training and passed the Royal Institute of Architects (RIBA) Final Exams. I would therefore suggest that if your Plan Drawer, or whatever name they call themselves, perports to be an ‘Architect’ you ask for their Registration Number and confirm with the ARB (Architects Registration Board) their validity. Especially people referring to themselves as ‘Architectural Designers’ If they are not you cannot expect the same Professional Service or the Professional Indemnity Insurance offered by an Architect should your project go horribly wrong. At the end of the day ‘you only get what you pay for. Do you want a Mini or a Rolls-Royce for your Project’

CONSULTANTS FEES. On small scale projects you will probably mot require the Services of a Quantity Surveyor, Heating or Mechanical Engineer, however you may need a Structural Engineer to design the odd beam or foundation , therefore as a quide add a further £300 to cover the contingency.

I trust this is has been of use to you in Planning your Project, and whilst it is not an exhaustive explanation I hope if has been informative, and if you do require any further clarification please contact me via my e-mail or phone.